The HOPE Center of Carmody Hills

Vision: Transforming the mentality of our community to build stronger holistic families.

Mission: Giving the tools of today to provide the HOPE for tomorrow.

What does HOPE stand for?  Holistic Opportunities Propelling Everyone


Carmody Hills Baptist Church, In addition, to our licensed Counselors, Social Workers, and Psychologists have been working diligently with families in the church and local district. We regularly host family seminars and parenting workshops along with possessing a strong youth mentoring component that services the greater community.

While in the pilot stage of our program, we are able to train and employ the residents of Seat Pleasant.  We have established a Board of Directors, that consist of Licensed Counselors, Social Workers, Clinical Psychologists, Doctors of Education, Behavioral Therapists, Accountants, Community Leaders, Chairman of the Trustees, Chairman of the Deacons, Executive Pastor, and the Senior Pastor.

Our Services

  • Individual Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Senior
  • Group Discussions


If you are in need of assistance

Call Dr. Joanne Jefferson @ 301.257.3886 or email her at